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          3. Foshan ENOU Combustion Control Technology Co.,ltd. &  Foshan ENOU Elcetrical Co.,ltd.
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            Combustion System Integration Project

            It is system integration based on industrial heat treatment combustion equipment. Specialized in design, installation, test and consultation of combustion system aimed at kinds of heat processing equipments and systems such as iron, non-ferrous metal, glass and ceramic industrial furnaces, coating and baking equipments, environmental equipments, incinerators, food baking and drying equipments and textile manufacturing machines, etc, we design combustion system, select equipment type, and provide spot installation and test, after service and spare parts. We provide different combustion systems with different control methods for different heat treatments, for example, switched and high-to-low control systems, constant control system, switched and high-to-low pulse control, premix combustion control system and regenerative combustion system. We provide kinds of gas burner nozzles such as high-speed pulse burner nozzle, radiant tube air preheating burner nozzle, temperature adjusting burner nozzle, and flat, long and short flame burner nozzles that are available for use of natural gas, liquefied gas, city gas and mixed gas.


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