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            Model: AIO/AIC
            Name : Energy-saving burner nozzle

            AIO flame guide tube is stainless steel, while AIC flame guide tube is silicon carbide
            Selection of position of burner nozzle
            According to different types of burner nozzles, the length of burner nozzle tube should be:
            R & K type nozzle head: S1=S2+15mm
            H type nozzle head: S1=S2+65mm
            AIO burner nozzle should work with burner block, for which the selection should be:
            horn mouth for K-type nozzle head; cylinder bore in burner block for H-type nozzle had;
            necking burner block for R-type with 5? inner dip angle
            Total length of AIC series of silicon carbide is about 50mm to the end of furnace wall.












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